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KAS Estimating Services provides high quality pre-construction services that support client and design team decision-making. Since KAS is not a building company, our advice is never influenced by considerations such as a potential construction contract award or GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price) strategy. Our only goal is to analyze the available information and provide cost consulting services that enable clients to maximize the return on their investment in construction and to make better decisions.

We prepare detailed cost reports and estimates that reflect accurately the scope of the project and are presented in the required format. We capture information in the available documentation and develop estimates that include indicated scope as well as additional scope necessary for a complete system.

The general phases of the estimates provided are:

Conceptual Estimate: This estimate establishes an owner’s budget. It is based on the project program and desired quality levels to be achieved. Pricing is usually parametric and based on historical cost data.
Schematic Design Estimate: This estimate confirms the concept estimate. It is based on macro-scale systems takeoffs and more refined historical pricing. This estimate becomes the basis for the design.
Design Development Estimate: This estimate further verifies the design vs. budget costs for the project. It is based on takeoffs of most systems and material supplier pricing.
Construction Documents Estimate: This estimate provides the costs of what the expected bids should amount to.
Bulletins & Change Orders: These estimates are price and quantity verifications for post-contract work. These estimates establish budgets for the proposed document changes and are often used as the basis of negotiations with the contractors.

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